Our Pre-fold Service Process

We have a five and a half hour washing process which leaves the diapers completely sanitized and clean.  Our residual free detergent has eliminated any rashes from our most sensitive client's bottoms.  We do have to use bleach in order to kill any micro-organisms and we have a neutralizer which completely removes the bleach.  We have tried a number of different detergents and methods and hit upon a winning process!  In short, we believe that using our service provides a healthier and more comfortable service for your baby and an easy and less messy process for the parents.  The cost is lower than the average cost of buying disposables over the entire time frame that your child is in diapers.  Disposables cost more as your child grows - our prices drop as your baby uses fewer diapers in a week.

How does the Service work?

We start you out with 8 dozen diapers (96) and a few Snappi's before baby arrives. We also provide you with a hands on orientation.  Once baby arrives, let us know! On the delivery day for your city,  you'll leave the dirties outside for us to pick up.  Many people prefer to purchase a bin to hold the dirty diaper bag on their porch.  You only pay for weeks that you have dirty diapers.  That first delivery will be another 96 diapers (for newborns).  On subsequent weeks we will return the same number of clean diapers as there were dirty diapers the previous week.  We find that this ensures that you always have enough diapers throughout the week.  However, sometimes babies simply need more diapers in any given week.  Just let us know and we'll deliver as many as you need.

As baby grows you can change the size that we deliver to you by changing the size here on the website. Simply go to the Service Menu and then select Change service.

If you are going on vacation or have some other reason for which  you do not need service in a given week, you can Pause your service.  Go the Menu, select Service menu and then select Pause service.

You may choose to receive an email  or a text or both when certain things happen:

  • Your diapers are picked up (or were unavailable for pickup)
  • Your dirty diapers are counted 
  • Your clean diapers are packed and ready for delivery
  • Your clean diapers are delivered
  • When a new bill is ready
  • When a payment is received
  • Your service has been changed 
  • Your service has ended
  • Your service is currently paused
  • Your service has resumed after a pause

When you become a customer, you'll can receive messages, alerts and tasks shown in the circle icons at the top right of the website. Tasks are suggested things to do here on the website. For example, one task may be to enter your baby's name once you decide or to enter your first journal entry.  You may refuse any suggested task if you don't want to do it. Messages and alerts may also be emailed or texted to you.  Messages are to give you information usually about your service or billing.  Alerts may be information sent to groups of people. For example, weather may delay delivery to a certain town or area.

Sometimes, parents forget to put the diapers out on the delivery day. Without prior notice, we will charge you for that week, as the following week you'll have twice as many diapers. You can request an additional pickup but we may charge an additional delivery fee for our time and gas.  If you cannot leave your diapers out and you can give us a 24 hour notice (by using our Service, Pause service menu item) you may be able to avoid a charge. 

Also, please do not attempt to wash our pre-folds. In the past some parents have done this and they've used other detergents and chemicals which may cause problems when we get them back and wash them in our commercial machines.  If you need an additional pick up or delivery, just let us know and we can find a solution to almost any challenge.

When your child reaches a stage where they are eating solid food we do ask that you 'plop the poop'.  Simply take the diaper to your toilet and drop any solids in the toilet before you put the diaper in your diaper pail.  Due to the large number of diapers it is difficult for us to do this.  If we miss a poop, we may need to restart an entire wash.  What this means is that we charge an additional fee for each diaper for which our staff has to plop the poop.  At this point the fee is 50 cents per diaper.

If you'd like provide funds for others, we have both a gifting service option and a pay-it-forward option.

Our gifting option allows grandparents, friends, or baby shower attendees a way to provide services.  

Our pay it forward option allows those paying for services to pay a little (or a lot) extra to provide services for anyone who might be in need. 

If you are in need of a assistance you may request to receive some of the pay it forward funds based on availability.

Finally, we provide a simple journal which you may use to record anything you'd like about this chapter of your life.  At any point, you can get a email with some or all of your journal entries.

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