Diaper Tails is a company which provides door-to-door cloth diaper service. We rent traditional cotton cloth diapers to our customers and then pick up the dirty diapers weekly and leave clean, sanitized replacements.   The cost of this service is similar to the cost of buying disposables.

Modern diapers are made with various materials and are reusable throughout most of a child’s time in diapers.  Diaper Tails also provides a weekly washing service for these types of diapers. The overall cost of these diapers with our washing service is somewhat more expensive than disposables but still accessible to most families.

Currently our oceans on this planet are filling up with plastic (see 1).  Disposable diapers are considered the most harmful item of marine litter (see 2).   Plastic has been found in the deepest part of the ocean (see 3).  Zooplankton are mistakenly eating plastic (see 4)  threatening the entire ocean food chain.  The plankton eat micro-plastics which can be generated from disposable diapers (see 5).

Diaper Tails seeks to greatly reduce the use of disposable diapers worldwide.  

Using cloth diapers has always been a great way to diaper a baby.  Cloth diapers are healthier for baby, less mess for parents, and promote significantly earlier potty training. Typically, children who are cloth diapered will be in diapers 6 months to year less than that children who are diapered with disposables.

Many low-income families are making the choice between buying diapers and buying food or life saving medications.   Often families in these situations will keep diapers on babies much longer than is healthy (see 7).  Some even attempt to wash used disposable diapers.  These practices are not only dangerous for the baby’s physical health but can often cause emotional or mental problems (autism, problems with cognition and language) (see 6).  Parents too may be affected when their babies are not diapered properly - the children cry more and are often more ill. The lack of health for these babies adds stress for the parents potentially leading to additional problems.

Diaper Tails currently provides free service to about 10% of its client base. We want to continue to provide solutions for families with diaper need. 

Currently Diaper Tails is seeking investors to expand our business and create a proof of concept for franchising.   Tidee Didee has been the largest Diaper Service here in Oregon since 1970.  At one time, they had thousands of customers.  Currently they have around 500.  Portland has banned day cares from using disposable diapers and so most of them are customers of Tidee Didee.  They have been financially stable since they began.  However, most of their organization and practices have been in place since they began.  We at Diaper Tails know that we can produce better results with less overhead and provide better customer service.  We can communicate better with our customers and create a stronger community.   Tidee Didee has recently been purchased and raised their prices.  Now would be the time to provide them with some competition.  Additionally the largest Diaper Service in San Francisco is now being run by a new generation of people and they have  decided only to distribute disposable diapers instead of continuing with the cloth diaper service.  

There are more than 10,000 customers (4.5% of the population is babies in diapers, currently about 8% are willing to consider cloth diapering) within the Portland area and the Willamette valley.  Other cities may follow Portland’s lead and prohibit day cares from using disposable diapers.  There is an incredible opportunity to make money while directly reducing the danger to our oceans and providing healthier diaper solutions for any family

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