Hello, my name is Julianna! I am excited to do something again for the communitiy. It's been a dream of mine to create a cloth diaper bank for many years. When I owned Replay Children's Wear I was much too busy to fulfill that. Now that I have managed to created more time in my life I am up for challenge!

We are priviledged to have my husband building us an interactive web site. It should be completely up and running soon! We are planning to offer online bill pay, including an optional subscription pay in addition to continuing to accept checks. Whichever you prefer!

We will be adding a Dalmatian Diaper Service - the same service you have now except these diapers contain "spots" here and there which prevent them from being used in our standard service. They have been fully santitized in our washing process, and are perfect for our lower cost service! This service will be available based on availablity. The retail store will have a selection of gently used diapers starting in Septemeber. New diapers will be available for purchase online shortly.

At some point soon, we will be offering a 30 day Diaper Trial Package. Which will include a variety of diapers to see what best fits your child. These are brand new diapers and will require a full deposit and a trial fee. You will be able to return any or all of the diapers for a full refund minus the trial fee at the end of the trial period. Keep the one's you like and return those you don't. This makes it an easy and inexpensive way to try out cloth diapers!

We will also be implementing a Refer-a-Friend discount. If you send us a customer be sure to tell them to let us know that you referred them. If they stay with us for two months, you will receive one free week of service or a pocket diaper among selected choices! You can build an entire stash this way!

Also new, our Diaper Stash Service is an as-needed service to wash and strip your own personal stash of diapers. You can drop off, and pick up your stash, or we can come pick them up for a small fee. Imagine all your lovely diapers all clean, stuffed, and ready to be used with minimal to no effort! Pricing will be available on the website soon!

I look foward to meeting you all shortly!