Welcome to Diaper Tails!

Diaper Tails is an organization designed to help families diaper their children.

We accomplish this by selling custom hand made diapers and by providing a local diaper service. We are also working on a diaper bank.


We are currently providing Diaper service including 'rented' diapers and weekly delivery. Covers and wipes are included for an additional fee. Our commericial machines and process wash and sanitize the diapers much more thoroughly than is possible at home.


Prices start at $20 per week.


Currently Diaper Serivce can be ordered! (see the link below). However, this web site is still in development in other areas. Products cannot be ordered quite yet.

Click here to order or change your diaper service (see *note)

To see our plans for Diaper Tails: Click here

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